Professional communicator Nancy Windheart’s connection with the corona virus:

When I first connected with the novel corona virus in March, 2020, my first awareness and understanding was of its sophisticated evolutionary capacity, and a certain radiant, pulsing energy which I can only describe as its “beauty.”

As destructive and damaging as the effects of the virus have been for so many people, in its essence, there is a sense of elegance, fluid evolution, and a kind of pulsating, energetic rhythm as it replicates and moves among us.

My immediate sense of the virus was that it is not, in essence, adversarial, or malicious; rather, that it is a potential ally for our species. While deeply respecting its power, and its devastating impact on the many people whose bodies have become ill or died from it (distinguishing their bodies from their souls/spirits/consciousness), my awareness of the energy of this virus is that it offers us a gift of cleansing, slowing, resting…a collective pause as individuals and as a collective.

This is not in any way intended to  diminish or minimize the very real and devastating effects and suffering that the impact of this this virus has had on individuals, families, communities, countries, and our world. It is very important that we retain our ability to hold both perspectives: the real, human impacts and challenges, and the teachings, opportunities, and gifts that the virus, and our experience of it, offers.

This awareness arose simultaneously among so many of us. As I read others’ writings, posts, poems, I became aware that this understanding in our collective was arising in many places, among many individuals, and in many forms. I’ll share some of my favorites of these in Part 3 of this series.

One of the great teachings of this virus has been the truth of our connection…of our common humanity, our responsibilities to each other, and of the ways that the collective structures of our modern societies no longer serve us as a species and have resulted in great destruction and imbalance on our planet. The virus offers us a great opportunity to review what is essential, what is non-essential; what we truly need and what we can live without. We are given an opportunity to pause, to go deep into what is most important, in ourselves, and in our world.

As I attuned to the energy of the corona virus, I felt that it has evolved at this time, for this time, as a deep expression from the elemental intelligences of the earth. (See Barbara Hand Clow’s excellent book, The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions for more information on the second dimension and the elemental energies of radioactive, chemical, mineral, viral and bacterial intelligences.)

I remembered my cat Louie’s communication about the deep rumblings in the earth, the magnetic and energetic “tippiness”, and my sense was that this is not an accidental arising. It is an expression of energy that arises from the deep imbalances in our species’ relationship to the Earth; our exploitation of other species and the Earth herself, and our loss of connection to and awareness of the Earth and all that she holds.

I did not feel from the virus any intention to kill; rather, it does what it does, in accordance with its own purpose and evolutionary mandate; its impact on our species is much more about us, about the imbalances in our bodies and in the collective. I felt a strong energetic of cleansing, purifying; a radiant, pulsing energy that requires a response from us beyond what we may have imagined ourselves capable of.

Small but massive…born for this time…moving in and out of our energy fields with precision and accuracy…a global energetic offering us a dramatic opportunity for shift, turnaround, and transformation.

“This is a Reclamation, not a scourge or a punishment”, I heard. And then a whole string of ‘Re’ words: Rearranging, Recalibrating, Restructuring, Resetting, Redoing.

As I meditated with the energy of the virus, these words came:


This is a massive reset for our planet.

You came for this time.

This is the womb, the epicenter of the New Earth.

Breathe all together, as you birth the new world into being.

You are not dying.

You are being born.

You will come through this time together

Better, stronger, healthier,

clearer, cleaner, kinder.

A more beautiful world is coming,

It is being born in the depths of this pause, this quiet.

Breathe. Listen. Be.

This is all that is required right now.

Remain in presence, remain in quiet, remain in deep stillness and listening.


We are seeing in so many ways the best that our species is capable of.

Acts of kindness, generosity, beauty, strength, resiliency, bravery, heroism.

People are coming together, instinctively, to help and support each other.

We understand collectively at some deep, deep level, what is needed, what is required, what is being offered to us as an opportunity for our evolution in this time.


professional communicator Maia Kincaid’s talk with the corona virus

Maia said: Hello Corona Virus

Corona Virus said: Hello!

Maia said: Since I talk with animals, plants, insects, cells, organs, bacteria and viruses on a regular basis I have had numerous people asking me to talk with you. And, of course you know I have talked with you on my own ever since I heard about you and I have also enlisted my awesome students to talk with you in class as well.

Maia said: Corona Virus I would love to talk with you now to learn more about you and how we humans may proceed in our lives in your presence.

Corona Virus said: Here’s what I would love to say. You have heard it many times from many sources and now you have an opportunity to learn it first hand through experiencing a direct threat to your species. I am not evil in myself and it is NOT my intention to cause harm or to elicit fear and upset among you. I am here because you asked me to be here. You have been calling for a quieter time. You have been asking for a rest from your stress-filled days. You have asked for more peace and simple joys to be experienced on a daily basis. You have asked to experience feeling purposeful and useful and appreciated for who you are. You all have asked to experience love, kindness, strength and patience. Your species is on a road to wreckage. I am here to divert you in the path you are heading down. I am here to give understanding and appreciation for what is truly important in your lives. I am here to remind you what life is all about. You now have a time of quiet and contemplation and reflection like you would never imagine creating. I encourage you to go inward, and appreciate these times while you have them. This is a time I encourage you to stay in, rest deeply (you need it!). Rest for your life, complete things of the past, forgive one another come together in your hearts (not in person). Use your technology to stay in touch.

Work with yourself to manage your fears. What you are learning is to live in the moment. Living in the moment is not knowing what is in the next moment. It is living fully celebrating life ~ just being. Step outside, go for a walk. Allow the trees, plants and animals to guide you and to love you. Love them. Be grateful for what you have.

Corona Virus said: What this is all about is living in the moment and loving one another as your family. What you have forgotten is that what is good for one person must be good for another. If something you want or you do is harmful for others including animals, plants, insects and Earth, then it is ultimately in the long run harmful for you too. You are killing yourselves, I am not killing you.

Corona Virus said: We (the virus) don’t despise you and we don’t want to harm you. We LOVE you! The way you humans are living is not sustainable. It is not real, and it is not loved even by you. It is out of the realm of natural harmony. It is out of the realm of nature. You are nature! You are the corona virus. You are the Buddha. You are Christ. You are cancer. You are influenza. You are a vibrant healthy being! You are everything! You, each one of you, encompass all the possibilities and all the expressions of life. You have good hearts. You have good minds. We want to help you STOP, help you pause and reflect and regroup, individually and together as a species. This is a time to go inward and catch up on your rest. Put yourselves and your homes and lives in order. Catch up on the really important things, the things you long to do but never have the time, energy or inspiration. Rest first then rejuvenate and recreate. It is time for you to have your voice again and to be a part of creating your tomorrows. Here’s an example. What is deep in your core is the desire to be of service to another, to do something truly good from your heart. This means thinking of others, it means thinking as a human community being sure all have what they need to thrive. An example now would be not to clean the shelves at the grocery store but instead to take only what you need. As the shelves are cleaned of food and supplies those who had no chance to get their share are in distress and fear. Those clearing shelves are in fear and perpetuating fear. What if you only took what you needed so that others could feel at least as secure as you do? This (Corona Virus) isn’t something you survive and then change to be a better person later on. It is something you strive to be a better person RIGHT NOW because there is no tomorrow! I’m not saying that to scare you I’m simply making a point that fear driven living is causing havoc and it is not new. That is in part why we (the virus) are here right now in this situation.

Maia said: Corona Virus I have heard you may be man made. What do you have to say about this?

Corona Virus said: Well, in a way I/we am/are man made. Humanity is ill. Your species has been ill for quite some time and growing more ill every day. Again, there is nothing to fear. Let me explain. The way your species is living, and living with one another, is not sustainable. You all know this deep down and many of you are very aware and concerned about this. Some of you are living for today and will concern yourselves later, ie tomorrow. You are going to be however you are going to be as usual. Others of you are suffering each passing day with news of cruelty to people and animals and disrespect for the Earth, feeling like you have no voice and no one understands or really cares. ALL of you are contributing equally because this is not a way to live. Very few humans are living in harmony, peace and integrity all around. Every one of you humans has work to do, including you of course. I will say humanity has brought about the corona virus because your immune system as a species is compromised. It is like a doctor (in this case Dr. Corona Virus) putting you on forced bed rest because you are overworked and overstressed. Your systems are on overdrive all the time. Many of you don’t sleep, you don’t give yourselves the opportunity to be out in nature or celebrate and enjoy life. This is not a bashing of humanity. Honestly it isn’t all your fault. You unknowingly have taken paths which have led you to this situation. All that is required now is compassion for yourselves, forgiveness and the opportunity to rest individually and as a species and to rejuvenate your spirit. That is what we, the virus and fellow beings of nature want. We would like humans to join nature, slow down. Some of you are much better at this than others. Often those of you educated in human institutions have more challenge slowing down than others who live in remote villages closer to the land. Some villagers may be new leaders for humanity’s next chapter. It is drama!

Maia said: What do you mean Corona Virus?

Corona Virus said: You humans are dramatic! It is a grand drama watching all that you do. And, I must say you are a lovable lot! Truly you have tender hearts and young minds.

Maia said: Do you have any specific advice or guidance for us Corona Virus?

Maia said: How can you say you like us humans but then cause the deaths of some members of our species?

Corona Virus said: As I said before it is not my intention to harm humans. I am very similar to what you humans call the flu. I am not normally deadly to most people. I am only a danger to those most delicate. Similarly, just as I am, the common flu can be deadly to some human beings.

Corona Virus said: Here’s the thing, if I, the corona virus, am handled with integrity and care then I can disappear from your lives quickly and with no further events. However, this is the challenge. It is difficult for you human beings to do the right thing. You are a young species. In most cases people are being infected because of a lack of understanding of the oneness of you all and the responsibility that naturally dictates. Deaths have occurred because choices have been made which were out of balance with what is in the best interest of your entire species and all species. If you thought of what is in the best interest of all beings including the human species and all other species, animals, Earth, then you would take actions on behalf of all. You would be the voice for all and you would feel the deep satisfaction of standing for all to thrive. You wouldn’t go clean off the shelf at the grocery store. And if you already did maybe you would ask around to see who might need some toilet paper or paper towels and give them some. You would encourage peacefulness and rest and be an example for all humanity. Forgive yourselves, forgive each other. Start anew!

Corona Virus said: My presence could result in a tremendous transformation of the human spirit! We hope to see you having more restfulness, more peace of mind, and peace and MORE simple joy in living!

Maia said: What about those who have died and those who have lost their loved ones and friends?

Corona Virus said: I truly am tenderly thinking of these beings. I have gratitude for them birthing a new experience, truly a transformation in the lives of humans which touches all other beings of life. Those who have passed are deeply loved and appreciated. They have sounded the alarm for all human beings to take a profound pause, to STOP action and be. I ask that each of you think of these individuals and their family members with thanks for their courage. These beings are very loving and kind. They, and their family members and friends deserve your respect, love and appreciation.

Maia said: Why did they in particular, die?

Corona Virus said: They died because their immune response was low. It is as simple as that. Now that you all know about me (the corona virus) you can act accordingly to what is in the best for all. That means staying away from other human beings as much as possible. You can call and interact by your technology. It is good to stay in touch but best not to touch right now. But this also means acting accordingly with regard to going forward in life. This is not about the “Corona Virus”, it is about the state of humanity. That is why we (the virus) are here.

Corona Virus said: You asked before for some guidance on how to live in the current days. Here are some suggestions which will be similar to what you have been hearing from your human sources.

1. Stay in isolation (or there with family members you live with) as much as possible. You know better than to go out to parties and events. My spread worldwide has happened quickly and efficiently by personal quarantines being broken for parties and events. Next thing you know you have gotten or given the virus.

2. Rest, Rest, Rest, even if you don’t want to or don’t think you need it! Trust me, you are running ragged, nearly all of you humans are run down and burnt out! Because of this each of you truly is susceptible to getting the virus. You are ALL immune deficient because you lack self love, awareness and care of yourselves and others. Some of you are doing well in these areas but the majority of humans suffer in these areas. As said before don’t be hard on yourselves. STOP that right now! Instead take a new path. Honor yourself and others, develop compassion.

3. Do some writing, do some art, play some music. Even if you don’t do art or music why not write your own songs. Write the words and create some tunes. Find some odd supplies around the house to do some drawing and art. A regular writing pen or pencil will work.

4. Write your feelings, your frustrations with your life, write your fears, concerns and your dreams close to your heart.

5. Talk with yourself as you might talk with a friend. Talk about your troubles, your heartbreak and frustrations. How about acknowledging yourself for who you are, how you care and your unfulfilled intentions?

6. Consider what you have you would like to contribute to others. Do some writing and exploration as to how you may have a voice and a contribution. What is your wildest dream of you living in your ideal situation doing your ideal contribution to life?

7. This is a great time to visit all you have and love it or share it. For instance to go through your belongings and clear, clean and organize. This activity will help bring you clarity and peace. It will give you energy to transform your life. These are the kinds of things you have put off to tomorrow around the home which drag you down because you don’t have the time, energy or focus to accomplish them. Now you can rest and begin to work on these projects.

8. Lastly, think of all you have to be thankful for. Give appreciation for yourself and all those who have contributed to your life. This will build your immune system and bring you and others joy!

9. You have a forced vacation which is understood and supported. Take this time and complete your life as it was. Create a new life to live into in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

Corona Virus said: This is a global event, a human retreat if you will! Time to shut you humans down, stop you, give you an opportunity to heal to find harmony in living with yourselves and one another, and your fellow species, and to love your lives again. You don’t know when to stop!!! So, you are now stopped!!! Allow yourselves to rest, rejuvenate, clear your minds and your hearts, be creative, find your voice, love again, find gratitude in a moment of life, appreciate others and find harmony within and without. We, the so-called Corona Virus, love you and wish you all the best in your forced lockdown. See it as an opportunity, take advantage of this chance you have to realign and regroup to live your life as you deeply wish to live your life. You are encouraged to GO FOR IT!! REST, REST, REST!!! Find your spirit, your voice, and your heart and live going forward listening to the heart of you.

Maia said: Thank you Corona Virus!

Corona Virus said: Thank you Woman!


Pioneering interspecies communicator, Penelope Smith, reports on what the virus explained to her:

We are the cleaners. People call us parasites, but we are equalizers or restorers of harmony.

They relayed an energetic feeling and image of sweeping through with a big broom and cleaning up debris. They communicated their purpose to help our bodies to evolve. They help cells evolve to their next level. Sweeping through, they mutate to avoid destruction because they have a function to make species stronger.

Everyone has a place in the web of life. All contain the wisdom of Spirit. May we continue to communicate with and learn from each other, no matter the shape or size of our earthly containers and enjoy the adventure of experiencing many different aspects of life on Earth.

I learned from viruses that they are part of the Earth’s recycling crew and evolutionary movers and shakers. They showed me that Earth was originally programmed to constantly evolve into something more beautiful. Viruses help species develop into their next level of beauty, health, and wholeness.

Restorers of Balance
Viruses flourish when there is an imbalance because they are the restorers of the balance. They rebalance and further the evolution of species.

This certainly is a more universal outlook than seeing viruses as enemies. In connecting with them, I felt viruses are just as full of dedication to their purpose in the circle of life as other species. They’re fulfilling their function with love and devotion. The living cells and bodies that they contact are spurred to increase in consciousness. In the cleaning up process, they also can heighten our spiritual presence and awareness, if we are open to this opportunity.

Microorganisms do not necessarily focus on saving individual bodies in their dedication to cleansing and rebalancing. Their major task is to assist both the cellular consciousness of bodies and the whole life or soul of humanity and other species, too.

The overall Virus Entity or Soul, showed me that viral movement is like a wave. Viruses have a cycle, although people may think it’s what they’re doing with medicines or chemicals that gets rid of them. When viruses cycle through bodies, their physical forms may die, but they go on energetically to do their work, like a light cloud that rolls over the Earth.

As Individuals
I asked viruses, including the current coronavirus, “What would you most like us to know?” They said, Don’t be afraid of us. Love us. We are of your self. Love us, for we help you.

They showed me on an individual level that if we don’t resist viruses and just go into our own healing process with rest and surrender, then they can do their work and we can become more healthy.

I felt a deep love and understanding of viruses as I communicated with them. They showed me images of how, when viruses have come into my body, I’ve needed to go into a space of deep change. They knocked me off my feet in order that I could handle more and increase my physical and spiritual health. They said that rather than focus on killing viruses, people should support the viruses’ work.

How do we support viruses’ work? They said, By love, by rest, by loving yourself, by drinking pure water and all those things that support your health. By doing that, you also support us because then we can leave and mutate to our next level of being.

Our Helpers
Looking at viruses and other microorganisms as helpers in our mutual evolutionary journey and in the natural process of cleansing and restoring balance changes the way we feel and act. By communicating with viruses that are working within our bodies, we may find ways to assist our health on all levels. This may require changes in lifestyle, such as getting more rest, eating more wholesome food, spending quiet time in meditation, taking walks in Nature, and paying more attention to our feelings.

By listening to some of our smallest brothers and sisters on Earth—the microorganisms—perhaps we can learn more about how to assist the healing and evolution of all living beings.

Andrea Smilovici, a student of animal communication in Mexico, talked with Covid19:

In my journey towards connecting with Covid19, I felt I went through many layers… 

I understood that even if its sudden arrival to our lives can seem violent and unwelcome, beneath this is a profound message of change for humanity and call for greater connection. Covid-19 encouraged me to go deeper and showed me that the first step through this challenge is threefold, and all about awareness. It requires perspective, vision, and truth. 

Which PERSPECTIVE am I choosing to see the current situation from, so that it may inspire my greatest VISION of humanity. And how can I contribute to this, living my life in alignment with the highest TRUTH. (love, peace, kindness, honesty, generosity, etc.)

Covid19 continues to explain; there is a possibility to change our current paradigm from self absorbed-survival mode to a new experience of awareness and understanding of how we are all connected, and how each of us affects and contributes to the whole in a very tangible way. It’s as if the spaces that separate each other now, will be filled with this new awareness, and the interconnectedness will become very clear. I perceive these old environmental limits/boarders somehow transforming. This can open the door to new possibilities in our education, economic, social, and political systems. Bringing a whole new meaning to “globalization”. Great change is knocking on our door, one that supposes new ways of being based upon win win proposals for all.

Covid19 continues, the self isolation process (in such a massive scale) prepares the stage for new ideas to surface all over the globe. Light bulbs turning on. People realizing what they truly long to do, now have time to envision ways to put those ideas into action. A global retreat for all of us to pause and reflect. And with so many of us reflecting at the same time, Inspiration just might come!

And then, the virus will have completed its mission: helping our species unite.

Considering the affections the virus has on the human respiratory tract, I asked Covid19 what it is that seems to be choking us. And the answer blew my mind; 

“Sister/Brother, you matter.”

I felt this as an effusive invitation for us to connect to our heart’s loving truth and let empathy and compassion once again flood our hearts.

I saw each spike of the virus’s “crown” representing a core value that is called upon us humans now: Awareness. Community. Connection. Hope. Empathy. Kindness. Love. Responsibility. Compassion. Generosity…

And I immediately saw our species’. current power animal, BAT!! Who lovingly pointed out the purpose of this all: Rebirth. The rebirth of the human species.

I thanked Covid19 for sharing with me such light. And so I held the virus’ consciousness in my heart space, full of gratitude. I asked about the possibility of lowering the number of cases and immediately I heard Covid19 gently remind me that if death is only a transformation, and life is wise and manifesting in divine perfection, why would I want to prevent anyone- including myself- from evolving and growing in love and in wisdom through life’s natural cycles.

With silence in my mind and trust in my heart I let Covid19 be, without my resistance or need to convince it to go away or act differently. I claim responsibility for myself, working through my fears and judgements, so that I may fully live my heart’s truth: Sister, brother… you matter!?

Advisory Committee Kicks Off

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