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Why are you so grumpy?
He is very grumpy, is answer was because “I don’t have what I want”
What do you want ? I want to have fun.
What can of fun? Jumping
Can you go outside ? No ( i am not 100% sure about this answer)
What do you have against Musashi ? He annoys me.
Why ? I don’t know.
Musashi is a cat or a dog?  i sense he was a dog but i am not sure
What can I do to make you happy? jump/run
I told Hoxton to be more loving toward Musashi and other people and animal around him, Musashi would be a good friend to have fun with. Answer :”I guess”
Would you be more loving ? ok
How do you feel ? ok ( at the end he was no grumpy but sad)
I told him that focusing on what we do not have does not make us happy but to  appreciate what we have like friend and family who loves you it’s wonderful.
I thanked him to talk with me and that l love him and his parent loves him that’s why they want to help me to be happy.