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You are an important part of our mission

Like you, we dream of a world where sentience is recognized in all living beings; where all species matter and their voices are heard; and where we work, think, and decide together how to best live on this planet. 

As an interspecies communicator, you are already at the forefront of this movement. You understand the importance and are changing perceptions and making a difference in your part of the world. And while our organization is designed to support and celebrate you, it is also designed to unite you — to help you join with others in this field and reach a much broader audience. Yes, to help interspecies communication go mainstream. 

Can you help? Will you lend your ideas, energy, time, and vision to this grand movement? It may start with listing your business here or posting your events. But that’s just the beginning. The bigger picture is our focus — and you can be a part of that. We hope you can Join Us.


Help us reach the Rest of the interspecies communication community!

Technology can only get us so far in trying to connect with communicators and students worldwide. Even those on our mailings list aren’t always getting our invitations. If we each sent a short note to our colleagues and fellow friends in the interspecies communication community to let them know of our mission and invite them to unite with us, we could make a difference so much quicker. Even simply inviting them to this website would go a long way. Below is a downloadable flyer that makes the perfect email introduction. You can find more sharable posters formatted for social media here. Thank you for your help! 


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