The Lightfoot Way, LLC
Year Professional Practice Established

Kim and Allison offer animal communication teleclasses (learn by phone or web phone), in-person workshops and consultations.

Small classes provide an ideal learning environment. Join hundreds of students from all over the world who’ve learned to talk with animals in just ONE day.

Our animal communication students join our Animal Heart & Soul Communication Community at no charge, which includes weekly articles to help your intuitive and spiritual development (over 200 articles in the archives), practice group opportunities, and for students who’ve taken our advanced communication teleclass or higher, we offer a monthly group call where we dive deep into the world of communication.

For passionate and dedicated students, we offer our Animal Heart & Soul Professional Communicator and Animal Wellness Coach Certification programs.

We specialize in holistic animal care in-person and online learning opportunities for pet parents and animal professionals, where we make learning fun and simple in the fields of animal communication, nutrition, muscle testing, energy work, crystal therapy, color therapy, EFT/tapping, flower essences, aromatherapy, and more.

Join students from over 30 countries and use holistic animal care to help animals live happier, healthier and longer lives by transforming your passion into reality, the Animal Heart & Soul Way.™

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Livingston, Montana 59047, United States