Professional communicator Nancy Windheart’s connection with the corona virus:

When I first connected with the novel corona virus in March, 2020, my first awareness and understanding was of its sophisticated evolutionary capacity, and a certain radiant, pulsing energy which I can only describe as its “beauty.”

As destructive and damaging as the effects of the virus have been for so many people, in its essence, there is a sense of elegance, fluid evolution, and a kind of pulsating, energetic rhythm as it replicates and moves among us.

My immediate sense of the virus was that it is not, in essence, adversarial, or malicious; rather, that it is a potential ally for our species. While deeply respecting its power, and its devastating impact on the many people whose bodies have become ill or died from it (distinguishing their bodies from their souls/spirits/consciousness), my awareness of the energy of this virus is that it offers us a gift of cleansing, slowing, resting…a collective pause as individuals and as a collective.

This is not in any way intended to  diminish or minimize the very real and devastating effects and suffering that the impact of this this virus has had on individuals, families, communities, countries, and our world. It is very important that we retain our ability to hold both perspectives: the real, human impacts and challenges, and the teachings, opportunities, and gifts that the virus, and our experience of it, offers.

This awareness arose simultaneously among so many of us. As I read others’ writings, posts, poems, I became aware that this understanding in our collective was arising in many places, among many individuals, and in many forms. I’ll share some of my favorites of these in Part 3 of this series.

One of the great teachings of this virus has been the truth of our connection…of our common humanity, our responsibilities to each other, and of the ways that the collective structures of our modern societies no longer serve us as a species and have resulted in great destruction and imbalance on our planet. The virus offers us a great opportunity to review what is essential, what is non-essential; what we truly need and what we can live without. We are given an opportunity to pause, to go deep into what is most important, in ourselves, and in our world.

As I attuned to the energy of the corona virus, I felt that it has evolved at this time, for this time, as a deep expression from the elemental intelligences of the earth. (See Barbara Hand Clow’s excellent book, The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions for more information on the second dimension and the elemental energies of radioactive, chemical, mineral, viral and bacterial intelligences.)

I remembered my cat Louie’s communication about the deep rumblings in the earth, the magnetic and energetic “tippiness”, and my sense was that this is not an accidental arising. It is an expression of energy that arises from the deep imbalances in our species’ relationship to the Earth; our exploitation of other species and the Earth herself, and our loss of connection to and awareness of the Earth and all that she holds.

I did not feel from the virus any intention to kill; rather, it does what it does, in accordance with its own purpose and evolutionary mandate; its impact on our species is much more about us, about the imbalances in our bodies and in the collective. I felt a strong energetic of cleansing, purifying; a radiant, pulsing energy that requires a response from us beyond what we may have imagined ourselves capable of.

Small but massive…born for this time…moving in and out of our energy fields with precision and accuracy…a global energetic offering us a dramatic opportunity for shift, turnaround, and transformation.

“This is a Reclamation, not a scourge or a punishment”, I heard. And then a whole string of ‘Re’ words: Rearranging, Recalibrating, Restructuring, Resetting, Redoing.

As I meditated with the energy of the virus, these words came:


This is a massive reset for our planet.

You came for this time.

This is the womb, the epicenter of the New Earth.

Breathe all together, as you birth the new world into being.

You are not dying.

You are being born.

You will come through this time together

Better, stronger, healthier,

clearer, cleaner, kinder.

A more beautiful world is coming,

It is being born in the depths of this pause, this quiet.

Breathe. Listen. Be.

This is all that is required right now.

Remain in presence, remain in quiet, remain in deep stillness and listening.


We are seeing in so many ways the best that our species is capable of.

Acts of kindness, generosity, beauty, strength, resiliency, bravery, heroism.

People are coming together, instinctively, to help and support each other.

We understand collectively at some deep, deep level, what is needed, what is required, what is being offered to us as an opportunity for our evolution in this time.


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