Andrea Smilovici, a student of animal communication in Mexico, talked with Covid19:

In my journey towards connecting with Covid19, I felt I went through many layers… 

I understood that even if its sudden arrival to our lives can seem violent and unwelcome, beneath this is a profound message of change for humanity and call for greater connection. Covid-19 encouraged me to go deeper and showed me that the first step through this challenge is threefold, and all about awareness. It requires perspective, vision, and truth. 

Which PERSPECTIVE am I choosing to see the current situation from, so that it may inspire my greatest VISION of humanity. And how can I contribute to this, living my life in alignment with the highest TRUTH. (love, peace, kindness, honesty, generosity, etc.)

Covid19 continues to explain; there is a possibility to change our current paradigm from self absorbed-survival mode to a new experience of awareness and understanding of how we are all connected, and how each of us affects and contributes to the whole in a very tangible way. It’s as if the spaces that separate each other now, will be filled with this new awareness, and the interconnectedness will become very clear. I perceive these old environmental limits/boarders somehow transforming. This can open the door to new possibilities in our education, economic, social, and political systems. Bringing a whole new meaning to “globalization”. Great change is knocking on our door, one that supposes new ways of being based upon win win proposals for all.

Covid19 continues, the self isolation process (in such a massive scale) prepares the stage for new ideas to surface all over the globe. Light bulbs turning on. People realizing what they truly long to do, now have time to envision ways to put those ideas into action. A global retreat for all of us to pause and reflect. And with so many of us reflecting at the same time, Inspiration just might come!

And then, the virus will have completed its mission: helping our species unite.

Considering the affections the virus has on the human respiratory tract, I asked Covid19 what it is that seems to be choking us. And the answer blew my mind; 

“Sister/Brother, you matter.”

I felt this as an effusive invitation for us to connect to our heart’s loving truth and let empathy and compassion once again flood our hearts.

I saw each spike of the virus’s “crown” representing a core value that is called upon us humans now: Awareness. Community. Connection. Hope. Empathy. Kindness. Love. Responsibility. Compassion. Generosity…

And I immediately saw our species’. current power animal, BAT!! Who lovingly pointed out the purpose of this all: Rebirth. The rebirth of the human species.

I thanked Covid19 for sharing with me such light. And so I held the virus’ consciousness in my heart space, full of gratitude. I asked about the possibility of lowering the number of cases and immediately I heard Covid19 gently remind me that if death is only a transformation, and life is wise and manifesting in divine perfection, why would I want to prevent anyone- including myself- from evolving and growing in love and in wisdom through life’s natural cycles.

With silence in my mind and trust in my heart I let Covid19 be, without my resistance or need to convince it to go away or act differently. I claim responsibility for myself, working through my fears and judgements, so that I may fully live my heart’s truth: Sister, brother… you matter!?

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