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Would you like to understand your pet and help him during difficult moments? This seminar is for you. For the first time in Greece you have 3 seminars n one: Usui Reiki for humans, Animals and Animal Communication. Change your brain waves, change your mood, send love and positive energy, speak to animals and establish a real understanding between species. On Friday, the 14th of February, in the center of Athens, Greece, you will start learning about Usui Reiki and receive the initiations that go back hundreds of years of genealogy. Reiki’s traditional founder, Dr Mikao Usui, referred to Reiki as the “art of inviting happiness.” Reiki continues Saturday 15th of February and then Animal Communication starts. By then, you will be calmer and ready to read the minds of your beloved animals, but more exercises and theory will just confirm your natural talents of healer and Communicator.
The seminar will finish on Sunday, 16th of February, at night.