It is not easy in the society you humanimals have built up to nurture your inner child. Or to take good care of your children. To protect them. At one point you will have to set them free, so it is good to discern the level of protection you provide them with. Because they also need to learn about the grown-up world. So does your inner child. When it comes to nurturing your inner child, maybe the most important thing to do is to love and honour yourself. To be gentle on yourself. To know that you are doing the best you can. Don’t forget to play, especially when times seem tough and hopeless. Go outside, dance in the rain, don’t care about who sees you (you didn’t as a child did you?), enjoy the first spring days. Connect to nature whenever you can. See the beauty in the smallest of things. Be grateful. And above all see the beauty in yourself. Act a little crazy and silly, let go of all the seriousness in your life. And if you have children, share this with them. Act crazy and silly together, they will help you remember. Don’t push them into grown-up roles when they are not ready. Let them be children.

Diana Pak