When you take time to play, just for the sake of playing, true joy shines through. Play is the best way to balance out every day struggles that life brings. All animals play, even if we don’t always recognize it as play. When we play, our worries leave our system, we reset and we make space for new energies to enter our system. And with that we are open to looking at life with different eyes. And maybe approach a problem we encounter in a new way. Remember, problems are never solved when you approach them with the same energy in which you created them. So…. Go out there and play. Feel like a child again. Build a snowman. Throw leaves in the air. Stamp in puddles. Laugh for no reason, laugh so hard until your tummy hurts, and tears stream down your face. Play alone, or with others. Just enjoy the good moments of life. Have fun!

Diana Pak