Yes, it is very possible to create abundance from a creative life. Whether that creativity expresses itself in the form of the arts or other forms of creativity. Life itself is a work of art, therefor we are all creative, we are all creators. And abundance can come in many forms, yes, humans have created a monetary system, but abundance is all around. Abundance is in nature. Abundance can come in the form of help offered. Of love given. Or support and recognition for who you are and what you came to give to life. Creating can be done individually or through the collective. The same goes for abundance. You can create a life of abundance for yourself, but you can also create abundance together, and share that abundance. And shift your thoughts and feelings around this, we are all in this together. Humans, non-human animals, plants, trees, rocks, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, wind, water, earth, fire. All part of the big creation.

Diana Pak