There are a lot of animals that never see their parents. Their parents lay their eggs and just leave them to hatch. It doesn’t mean they didn’t care, as they often made a huge effort and sometimes even sacrifices to ensure their eggs would be safe and protected. Then there are animals that only take care of their offspring for a short while, and there are animals where the offspring stays with the group for the rest of their lives. There are so many parental forms in the natural world. But, at one point, the parent(s) will disappear. Or they will cut you loose to stand on your own feet. Whether that’s just two feet or multiple feet. And then it will be time to start nurturing and caring for yourself. To let go of the expectations of others doing that for you. Become your own mother, your own father, your own child. Only you know what your soul needs most in regards of nurturing. Whether that’s being pampered in one way or another or whether that is spending time in nature, whether that is spending time with loved ones or spending time on your own. Everybody is different in this. We all need love, but the most important step of self-care and nurturing yourself is to love you. To not let your worth be dependent on the love from others. You might get disappointed over and over again, but if you above all love yourself you will never feel alone or unloved again.


Diana Pak