Oh, how humanimals can worry. About everything. The past, the present, the future. About health, about work, about relationships. The rest of us animals live very in the present moment, and with our ways of life, we don’t even have time to worry! We just go about our lives as much as possible and will tackle any problem when it presents itself. Imagine if we were worrying about getting eaten by predators all the time. Now, that wouldn’t work would it? So, yes, you have the amazing capacity to anticipate, but that can also leave you in a state of anxiety, about things that no longer matter, or things that do not yet matter. Whenever you start to over-worry, ask yourself, the last time I worried so much, what did it bring me? And can I even remember what I worried about a month ago? It’s all a matter of putting things in perspective. Enjoy life, enjoy the moment. Just like us, and just like the little versions of you.

Diana Pak