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More and more people are discovering their innate ability to communicate with different species through telepathy and other senses.

Whether you want to learn or reignite the skill yourself or simply wish to hear about others’ experiences, you will find many ways to do so here!

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Scientists Prove That Telepathic Communication Is Within Reach


Smithsonian Magazine reports on an international research team that developed a way to say “hello” with your mind.




Scientific Proof of Telepathy


A panel of interspecies communication experts provide scientific proof and anecdotal evidence as reported in Species Link Magazine.




“Dogs That Know” Research


Rupert Sheldrake’s important research as documented in his book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals.



The Biology of Telepathy


Dr. Srini Pillay explains and reports on the latest research that supports the effectiveness of brain-to-brain communication in this Psychology Today article.




Is My Pet Telepathic?


An additional roundup of international research from many parts of the world that prove animals understand more than we realize.




Brain-To-Brain Interfaces: The Science Of Telepathy

The science of “brain-to-brain interfaces” (BBIs) that allow for direct transmission of brain activity in real time by coupling the brains of two beings.



Telepathic Interspecies Communication Between Humans and Animals

Parapsychology researcher Dr. Deborah Erickson’s published studies that show a definite ability for humans to connect telepathically to animals.



Can your dog read your mind?

Monique Udell’s research on how domestic dogs and non domesticated wolves think and learn about human behavior. Published in the journal, Learning & Behavior.