Initiatives and Programs Making a Difference


There are many wonderful initiatives in the world for strengthening and enhancing our relationships with the rest of the planet. If you know of others that should be included, add them here. 


Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare (ACCAW) is a not-for-profit coalition focused on our individual and collective power in united intention to increase communication, balance, compassion, understanding, and communion among all beings. It is open to communicators at all levels. 

Speak! Good Human is the Internet’s largest free animal communication practice site, open to anyone who wishes to learn and practice talking with animals and nature. The site also sponsors a Worldwide Animal Communication Practice Challenge twice a year. All levels are welcome to participate. 

Nature Communication & The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. This free, monthly online gathering teaches and guides participants in navigating telepathic dialogs with plants, animals, insects, and the Earth. The resulting insights are shared with the heads of state, government, UN ambassadors, and delegates to help them implement Sustainable Development Goals for Living in Harmony with Nature. All are welcome to join.



Through Elephant Eyes follows filmmaker, Rachel Dunn, as she traces the call of the elephants from Thailand to Africa. Find out what happens when she meets animal communicator Wynter Worsthorne and they travel across Africa to meet an elephant called Modjadji. What they find is beyond what they ever imagined. This project welcomes supporters to help finish it and bring it to the world.

Ama’ara: The Song of the Whales is a meditative documentary journey to the wise and ancient inhabitants of the seas and their magical singing. Following a vision she experienced in a meditation, the protagonist Marina Trost is traveling to Hawaii and Tonga with a film crew to sing with the humpback whales. A deeply moving and life changing adventure for herself and the whole team. What happens if you follow the voice of your heart unconditionally without knowing the result? How deep reaches the meeting with this extraordinary beings and their touching songs? What are they able to move or change within all of us? And is it possible, that this could change the world and maybe even save it? This project welcomes supporters to help finish it and bring it to the world.





Free Online Animal Communication Conference in Portuguese.  This week-long, 100% free online conference from Brazil featured scientists, veterinarians, teachers, psychologists, activists, and many other professionals speaking and teaching about their experiences in animal communication and the importance it plays in their work and our society. 2019 was their first year and they plan to continue!






Mystics and Scientists Conference  Now in its 43rd year, this annual conference focuses on forging a creative understanding of the complementary roles of scientific and mystical approaches to reality. The 2020 conference is themed: Re-Enchanting the World: Consciously Connecting with the Deep Wisdom of Nature.