Everyone and Everything Has a Voice!


If you are new to this field or are just beginning to learn about the connection we are able to foster with other species, this may sound crazy. But interspecies communicators regularly talk with not only animals, but spirits, fairies and angels, rivers and oceans, plants and trees, stones and mountains, and even cells and molecules. And more and more are documenting these fascinating conversations in books, videos, and websites. You can find more in the Learning Library. 

This space is dedicated to bringing forth the wisdom, humor, and consciousness of any species or element who would like a voice. The goal is to represent at least one of each. But we welcome all messages, even if the species is already represented. 

If you are an experienced communicator and would like to add your conversation(s) or message(s) with someone or something, you can do so below. You can also “Claim” any of the listing titles marked Unclaimed. 

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