world interspecies communication month


Every Being On Earth Has An Important Voice. 

It’s time For Us to start listening and communicating With Them. 

October is that time!

World Interspecies Communication Month celebrates the vast diversity of species on our planet and beyond — and works to give each and every one of them a voice. Through 31 days of worldwide commemoration and celebration, we are inspiring humanity to take the next step in our evolution: to view all other species as sentient, thinking, feeling beings who share our planet and deserve an equal voice in how we live on it and care for it; and to begin embracing and reigniting our innate abilities to communicate with our co-inhabitants through the universal language of telepathic communication. If you are moved and inspired to support this mission, please join others around the world who are helping to establish this month. Simply sharing it, celebrating it, raising awareness through your own events, you can help spread the word and shift humanity for the better. 



The Mission:

To raise humanity’s awareness of our innate ability to communicate telepathically with all species.

To inspire people to explore and embrace this so we can live with more consciousness, sensitivity, and respect for all non-humans who share our planet.

To learn from the wisdom that all species offer, working together for sustainable life for all on Mother Earth.


Why Do We Need

A Month For This? 

Animal and interspecies communicators, psychics, shamans, and spiritual intuitives have long lived this new evolution by practicing and teaching the ways of intuitively connecting with any species. It’s a built-in ability in all of us! 

As the world becomes more aware and open to this enlightened side of humanity, we can stop living as if humans are the center and most important part of this expansive universe — and instead begin a new age of equality, cooperation, and respect. Humans clearly don’t have all the answers. But collectively, with an open dialogue between the rest of the species, we can move forward constructively rather than destructively; with insight rather than ignorance; with hope rather than despair.

Our planet appears to be at a crossroad. Human decisions and behavior are forcing all other species into life-threatening predicaments. Shouldn’t we all have a say about our home planet? Shouldn’t we open wider talks with our fellow species to find better solutions and sustainable approaches to living together? Shouldn’t we expand our awareness and deepen our sensitivities beyond the scope of our own species and take our next giant step in our evolution?