We see the future.

Interspecies Talk Worldwide launched in 2019 with plans to positively shift world perspectives in numerous ways. Our first project, Worldwide Interspecies Communication Month, is just the beginning. Ultimately, our goal is to introduce interspecies communication to the world as a language as common and learnable as any other, so that humanity is not only more aware of the sentience of all beings on Earth, but is open to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with them. And that can only create more goodwill, hope, respect, solidarity, wisdom, compassion, and peace.

Our Roadmap

As our mission and initiative builds momentum and support, our vision is to expand into a vibrant worldwide interspecies communication organization with nonprofit status. There are many more details in the works and this is just an overview to give you an idea of how your support and participation may fit into these plans.

Annual Awareness Month

The Worldwide Interspecies Communication Month is just getting started, but our plans are extensive and the impact evolutionary. As we begin partnering with complementary fields and organizations, installing ambassadors in every corner of the world, and naming global emissaries, we welcome your participation and support.

Advisory Council

We are creating a global advisory council that includes consulting wisdom from a wide range of species. Working together to find sustainable approaches to living respectfully with each other and with the resources we have gives all inhabitants of Earth a say about our planet’s future.


Professional Association

Today’s interspecies communicators are at the forefront of breaking the language barrier between all species, opening a healthy, universal dialogue on our planet, and teaching others to do the same. Our goal is to support communicators in their missions through better tools, visibility, and opportunities to collaborate.