We’re looking for some really good people for a really good cause.

Imagine what we can do when we work together! If you feel a tingle in your heart, an intuitive voice echoing in your head, or a soulful nudge to add your own energy and creativity to help us make the world a better place, perhaps one of the following opportunities speaks to you. If you have other ideas on how you can participate, we’d love to hear about them, too. You’ll find a Volunteer Application at the bottom of this page. If you want to check to see which positions have already been filled, visit the  Team page. And thank you. Truly.


Very Part-Time Webmaster

If you know your way around WordPress, WooCommerce, and website security, and can keep this plugin (https://directoriespro.com) running smoothly, we would be grateful to get some ongoing, though minimal, assistance. Most of the site’s activity will be concentrated during a couple of months a year (around the October event month). If you have the skills, expertise, and time to lend, you have our gratitude and we look forward to hearing from you.

Time commitment: minimal

Website Librarian

If you are WordPress savvy and have a little time, we would love your help to keep our Species Messages, Learning Resources, Organizations, and Special Projects sections updated. These pages invite the public to submit appropriate additions. As librarian, you would simply update the pages with those new additions when they come in.

Time commitment: minimal to medium depending on the week


Public Relations

Do you have a little extra time to help us get the word out to the media? Enthusiasm and great social skills a plus, and experience in this area will go a long way.

Time commitment: medium to heavy during startup





Love interacting with people? We have several positions that enable you to do that, including social media and our regular newsletter. Knowing your way around hashtags and social media savvy messages a huge plus. And for the newsletter, a good grasp of writing, grammar, and basic design sense.

Time commitment: medium



Graphic Design

We could use some occasional help with design projects and ensuring our identity remains consistent. Do you have extra time every once in a while?

Time commitment: minimal




Partners & Sponsors

We’re looking to develop meaningful relationships with companies, organizations, foundations, schools, and government agencies. Can you help?

Time commitment: Medium







If you feel especially moved by our cause and want to do what you can to help in your part of the world, you’re in luck: we’ve been looking for you! As an ambassador, you will head up doing what we do but on a local or regional scale. This might include assembling your own team for outreach, events, and social and media relations. Our goal as an organization is to create the materials and support structure for our ambassadors so they don’t have to reinvent anything, just represent the mission in the best possible way. Eventually, our ambassadors will be featured on our website so locals can connect with them. We are actively looking to name one ambassador in each major market or region. So, for example, one each in the Eastern U.S. or Western Canada, or Great Britain, or Greece, etc. We don’t hand out this title lightly. Please do get in touch if you feel you have what it takes to do it justice.

Time commitment: Medium





Advisory Committee

​This is a group of advisors whom we run ideas by, ask opinions of, and turn to when we need perspectives outside of our own. Members of this committee may also be tasked with representing other species on specific issues as well as contribute wisdom, knowledge, and time each month. These are people who support our mission and goals in ways different than our Action Committee. These positions are limited in number and likely will last a specified period of time (like a year). The inaugural year Advisory Committee is now complete, but we welcome you on our waiting list for the next term.

Time commitment: minimal and occasional



Action Committee

This is our primary work group. It’s a core committee of people who have the skills, time, and energy to undertake what’s necessary to help us reach our goals. Each member of this committee heads up a particular area of focus (loosely outlined below) and is responsible for ensuring things get done in those areas. They also manage any other volunteers or people we enlist in those areas. As this committee is just coming together, some of the duties may shift around depending on the person’s strengths and interests. Some of the responsibilities could even break out into their own positions. For example, Outreach is a big category and could easily be split between 2-3 people. But at least this is a general guideline for now.

​Time commitment: medium to heavy in the start-up phase


General Public (social media, online media, print media)
Communicators (primarily email)
Organizations who may be interested in partnering or putting on October events
Working together with other orgs
Co-sponsoring events/initiatives/programs
Sponsors – financial support or in-kind services (like ad space) in exchange
      for publicity on site and in materials 
Mailers/Email campaigns
PSAs / Press releases
Branding issues
Amazon Affiliate
 List management
Professional Association development

Volunteer Coordinator
Program development/management




Volunteer Perks

• You get to help change the world for the better. Sounds grandiose, but it’s true. The more we accomplish with this unique movement, the brighter we make it for humanity and all species. A whole new way of living on our planet! Wow. Think about it.
• Connect with and work alongside like-minded people (and other species) all over the world.
• You get to use your superpowers. All those hidden talents, interests, and personal strengths that sometimes get overlooked? We appreciate them and will do our best to put you in the perfect position to use them.
• Material rewards. Okay, we all love these, too. And as we grow and develop, we hope to add some into the mix to show our appreciation.




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